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Chief Carignan is pleased to announce a new initiative of the Nashua Police Department that will begin August 1st, 2019. The Autism Awareness Program is an initiative of the Nashua Police Department in partnership with Gateways Community Services, to allow loved ones and caregivers to voluntarily identify those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who live, work, or go to school in our community. The purpose is to promote communication and give Nashua Police quick access to critical information about a person registered with the Autism Awareness Program in a police emergency. The program will capture information about those with ASD such as, a full description with photo, emergency contact information, likes/dislikes, communication techniques, and other information tailored to each individual.

The information voluntarily provided to NPD will be used by dispatchers and officers in our response to calls for assistance that may involve those in our community diagnosed with ASD. This may include a missing person, a medical emergency, a crisis situation, or other interactions with our agency.

The voluntary registration can be completed by CLICKING HERE or by clicking on the NPD Autism Awareness Patch depicted below. Once there follow the prompts in the registration link. Once submitted a member of Nashua Police will conduct a follow-up with the first Emergency Contact to verify receipt of the registration. Upon verification the information will be kept on file with Nashua Police. The information will then be provided to police personnel as needed in the performance of their duties.

We encourage those registered to update us periodically as important information changes such as an address change, or a change in emergency contact information. We also ask if you can submit a new photo as the registered person ages.

On August 6th at the National Night Out held at the Boys and Girls Club of Nashua we will be holding a “live registration” with members of Gateways Community Services. Those wishing to register a loved one can do so that night with an officer or member of Gateways. We will be outside of the Nashua Police Mobile Command vehicle and encourage families to bring loved ones with Autism to this event and meet Nashua’s First responders in a non-emergency environment. There will be several vehicles from both Nashua Police and Nashua Fire Rescue along with officers and firefighters to meet and interact with.

Chief Carignan thanks Gateways Community Services for partnering with Nashua Police to bring this important initiative to the community. Gateways Community Services is a nonprofit 501C(3) corporation helping over 4,000 with developmental disabilities and their families, people with Autism, and seniors and veterans in need of care. For more information, visit the company’s website at:



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