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The internal affairs function is important for the maintenance of professional conduct in a law enforcement agency.  The integrity of the agency depends on the personal integrity and discipline of each employee.  To a large degree, the public image of the agency is determined by the quality of the internal affairs function in responding to allegations of misconduct by the agency or its employees. 

The Professional Standards Bureau conducts internal investigations and carry out all assignments related to resolving any issues.  It is also used as a resource for an early warning system for possible future employee disciplinary problems.  The Bureau also reviews the lesser important investigations conducted by supervisors. 

The Training Division arranges training for all personnel in the various skills necessary for the effective execution of law enforcement responsibilities. The Division compiles and prepares instructive material and directs the department's in-service training programs.   It is also responsible for maintaining training records and evaluating current and future training needs of the department.

The Department now has the capability to respond appropriately to allegations of misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance by employees, and to complaints about the agency's response to community needs, thereby instilling public confidence in the agency.  The Bureau has also responded to the needs of other City agencies and other New Hampshire local Police Departments, by conducting training and also providing internal investigations.