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The Official Website of the Nashua Police Department - Nashua, NH - Citizen Survey
The Nashua Police Department is requesting your assistance in the completion of this survey. The purpose is to measure our effectiveness and improve our delivery of police service to the City.

1. On what street do you reside and please give the closest cross street. (optional)

2. Please rate the quality of life in your neighborhood: (please check one)

3. How safe do you feel in the City of Nashua?

**The following questions pertain to any interactions you have had with police personnel.

4. In any dealings you may have had with Nashua Police officers, do you feel they were:



5. If you have called the Nashua Police Department, have the telephone operators been:



6. If you have called the Nashua Police Department how would you rate the response time of its officers?

7. How would you rate the competence of agency employees?

8. How would you rate the overall performance of the Nashua Police Department?

9. Of the following, please check two areas which you would like to see the police concentrate.

Your suggestions are always helpful. Please comment on anything you feel will help us serve you better.

If you wish to provide us with confidential information please contact the Nashua Police Department at 594-3500 or the Nashua Crimeline at 589-1665.