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The Nashua Police Department is proud of its professional staff. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the following individuals who have retired from our Department. Due to their commitment to law enforcement and dedication to our agency, the Nashua Police Department continues to promote a professional staff dedicated to the community. In developing this web page, we have made a sincere effort to find the names of retirees and record them. Please if you notice an error on this page or an omission of a name, e-mail the Nashua Police Department to have the correction made.


Allen, Steve - Patrolman
Anctil, Roland - Captain (Deceased)

Bailey, Jack - Inspector
Bailey, Rick - Captain
Barlow, William - Captain
Barry, Richard - Captain
Barry, Robert - Major
Barton, Michelle - Paralegal
Battaglia, Brian - Master Patrolman
Bausha, Walter - Administrative Bureau Commander
Beauchemin, Ernest - Technical Sergeant
Becotte, Karen - Master Patrolman
Belanger, Raymond - Lieutenant
Belanger, Robert - Deputy (Deceased)
Bergeron, Thomas - Sergeant
Bordeleau, Suzanne - Secretary V
Botelho, Bruce - Master Patrolman
Bouchard, Peter - Sergeant
Bouchard, Roland - Sergeant
Boudreau, Bruno - Captain
Boudreau, Norman - Lieutenant
Bourgeois, Francis - Lieutenant
Bowman, George - Sergeant (Deceased)
Bowman, Evelyn - Receptionist
Boyer, Donald - Captain (Deceased)
Brackett, James - Lieutenant (Deceased)
Branchi, Paul - Custodian II
Briggs, James - Master Patrolman
Brousseau, Edward - Lieutenant
Brown, Sharon - Accreditation Manager
Brown, Dennis - Sergeant
Brown, Joseph - Master Patrolman
Bukunt, Jeffrey - Captain
Burns, William - Lieutenant
Burrows, Joseph - Lieutenant
Byrne, Thomas - Master Patrolman

Cabana, Anne-Marie - Records Supervisor
Cabana, Raymond - Captain
Campbell, Donald - Lieutenant
Canine, Endy - K9
Canine, Neiko - K9
Canine, Fero - K9
Canine, Ginger - K9
Canine, Boomer - K9
Canine, Kriko - K9
Canine, Maro - K9
Canine, Barry - K9
Canine, Rony - K9
Carey, Robert - Lieutenant
Caron, Richard - Senior Patrolman
Casale, Neal - Master Patrolman
Casey, James - Master Patrol Officer
Chartrand, Linda - Business Coordinator
Chase, Althea - Communications Technician
Childs, Scott - Sergeant
Clemons, Arthur - Master Patrolman
Closs, Steven - Captain
Collins, Kevin - Master Patrolman
Conley, Donald - Chief
Connors, Jeffrey - Master Patrolman
Constant, Jane - Master Patrolman
Constantineau, William - Master Patrolman
Costa, Phillip - Master Patrolman II
Costa, Everett - Sergeant (Deceased)
Crowley, Kevin - Master Patrolman
Curtis, Vince - Master Patrolman

Desrosiers, Carol - Administrative Projects Specialist
Dichard, Maurice - Lieutenant (Deceased)
Dickerson, Ronald - Captain
Dionne, Edmund - Captain (Deceased)
Dolan, Edward - Lieutenant (Deceased)
Donahue, Daniel - Master Patrolman
Donovan, Sean - Master Patrolman
Dowling, Ronald - Lieutenant (Deceased)
Doyle, Stephen - Lieutenant
Dumais, Randy - Sergeant
Dunham, Douglas - Master Patrolman
Dvareckas, David - Lieutenant
Dwane, Sharon - Legal Secretary (Deceased)

Eastman, James - Lieutenant
Eastman, Robert - Senior Patrolman (Deceased)
Emmett, David - Sergeant (Deceased)
Eriksen, Sharon - Secretary V
Eskridge, Matt - Master Patrolman
Evans, Gerald - Lieutenant

Fariz, Pamela - Secretary III
Fauteux, Michael - Sergeant
Felch, Thomas - Master Patrolman
Fenton, Barry - Master Patrolman
Fidler, Mark - Master Patrolman
Fisher, John - Captain
Forcier, Donald - Captain
Forgione, Peter - Master Patrolman
Fournier, Donald - Master Patrol Officer
Fournier, Normand - Auto Mechanic 2nd Class

Gagnon, Lorette - Clerk Typist
Gagnon, Paul - Lieutenant
Gagnon, Richard - Deputy
Galipeault, Lawrence - Senior Patrolman (Deceased)
Gallagher, John - Master Patrolman
Gallant, Eden - Master Patrolman
Garneau, Lawrence - Detention Specialist
Gautier, Kurt - Sergeant
Gendron, Delores - File Clerk
George, Richard - Lieutenant
Gerow, Nelson - Master Patrolman
Gibson, Brenda - Domestic Violence Victim Advocate
Girouard, Kevin - Master Patrolman
Goff, Robert - Lieutenant
Gontarz, Stephen - Master Patrolman
Goodridge, Patrick - Master Patrolman
Goulden, Timothy - Lieutenant
Goupil, Paul - Captain
Gravel, Paul - Captain
Gravel, Theresa - Secretary
Graziano, Edward - Officer (Killed in the Line of Duty)
Greenberg, Edward - Patrolman
Gross, Donald - Chief (Deceased)
Gutherz, Frederick - Captain

Hafner, Charlene - Records Technician I
Hamel, Donald - Lieutenant
Hamilton, William - Master Patrolman
Hammond, Craig - Master Patrolman
Hammond, Scott - Captain
Hansen, Bruce - Captain
Hargreaves, James - Master Patrolman
Hayes, Douglas - Captain
Healey, Gerard - Master Patrolman
Hebra, Sergio - Sergeant
Hefferan, Timothy - Chief
Henderson, Robert - Master Patrolman
Hill, William - Master Patrolman
Hill, Shawn - Sergeant
Hodges, Robert - Captain
Howe, Scott - Deputy Chief

Isbill, William - Sergeant (Deceased)

Johnson, Robert - Lieutenant (Deceased)
Johnson, Kim - Captain
Jones, Michael - Sergeant

Kamieniecki, June - Records Supervisor
Karczewski, Stanley - Sergeant (Deceased)
Keaney, William - Sergeant
Kelleher, Michael - Lieutenant
Kennedy, James - Master Patrolman
Kenney, Aline - Parking Enforcement Specialist
Kerrigan, Daniel - Lieutenant
Knight, Harold - Senior Patrolman (Deceased)
Kulikowski, Leonard - Sergeant

Lagasse, Leon - Sergeant (Deceased)
Lamarche, Jeffrey - Master Patrolman
Landry, Kevin - Master Patrolman
Landry, Raymond - Chief
Largy, Clifton - Chief
Largy, Edward - Lieutenant
Latulippe, John - Master Patrolman
Latvis, Michael - Officer (Killed in the Line of Duty)
Lavoie, Benoit - Lieutenant
Lavoie, Jeanne - Clerk Typist
Lavoie, Robert - Captain (Deceased)
Lavoie, Michael - Master Patrolman
Ledoux, Michael - Lieutenant
Leger, Jane - Dispatcher
Lemoine, Brooke - Sergeant
Levesque, Maurice - Sergeant
Levesque, Michael - Sergeant
Levesque, Glenn - Sergeant
Lima, James - Captain
Llukan, Alexander - Master Patrolman
Lonroth, Anton - Sergeant (Deceased)

MacDonald, Wayne - Deputy Chief
Macleod, Thomas - Sergeant
Maher, Jeffrey - Captain
Manley, Mark - Sergeant
Mansfield, William - Lieutenant
Marchenonis, Robert - Master Patrolman (Deceased)
Marquis, Norbert - Sergeant
Marshall, Bryan - Lieutenant
Masella, Michael - Sergeant
Matthews, Martin - Master Patrolman
McCarthy, George - Captain
McDannell, Raymond - Lieutenant
McDermott, John - Lieutenant (Deceased)
McDonald, Richard - Sergeant
McNulty, Matthew - Master Patrolman
Miller, George - Custodian II
Mitchell, Diane - Secretary V
Molinari, Joseph - Sergeant
Moore, William - Captain
Mosscrop, Richard - Master Patrolman II
Moushegian, Michael - Lieutenant
Mulligan, James - Deputy Chief of Operations

Newell, John - Master Patrolman
Nichols, Fred - Captain
Nichols, Phillip - Sergeant

O'Brien, Kevin - Sergeant

Paison, Frank - Sergeant (Deceased)
Pangburn, Jeffery - Master Patrolman
Patinsky, Michael - Lieutenant (Deceased)
Peach, Christopher - Deputy Chief
Petrain, Linda - Records Technician I
Poliquin, Roland - Senior Patrolman (Deceased)
Poulin, Susan - Detective Secretary III
Powers, Fred - Lieutenant
Provencher, Jamie - Sergeant

Quigley Jr, William - Chief

Ravenelle, Robert - Lieutenant
Ravgiala, Carol - Business Coordinator (Deceased)
Rawnsley, William - Master Patrolman
Reidy, Richard - Master Patrolman
Ritz, Craig - Lieutenant
Roche, James - Officer (Killed in the Line of Duty)
Rousseau, Gerald - Custodian III
Roussel, Armand - Acting Chief (Killed in the Line of Duty)
Roussell, Kathleen - Parking Enforcement Specialist
Roy, Kathy - Information Technology Manager
Roy, Robert - Master Patrolman

Sandler, Craig - Chief
Sargent, Mary - Crossing Guard
Schaaf, Mark - Master Patrolman
Segal, Peter - Captain
Seusing, John - Chief
Siebert, Robert - Master Patrolman
Silva, Dana - Master Patrolman
Silva, Richard - Senior Patrolman
Slattery, James - Major
Smith, Julie - Records Supervisor
Smith, Lyall - Lieutenant
Soucy, Michael - Master Patrolman
Sparks, Douglas - Captain
Sprankle, Richard - Lieutenant
Stuart, Alan - Captain
Sullivan, Robert - Master Patrolman
Sullivan, Francis - Lieutenant
Swabowicz, Peter - Lieutenant
Sweeney, Stephen - Sergeant

Theriault, Alfred - Master Patrolman (Deceased)
Theriault, Peter - Deputy Chief
Theroux, Charles - Captain (Deceased)
Therrien, Todd - Master Patrolman
Thibeault, Louis - Patrolman (Deceased)
Tracy, Paul - Chief (Deceased)

Vaillancourt, Roger - Captain
Voveris, Donna - Secretary
Voveris, Joseph - Senior Patrolman (Deceased)

Watson, Gary - Captain
Watts, George - Sergeant (Deceased)
Weatherbee, Stanley - Lieutenant (Deceased)
Wedick, Lawrence - Master Patrolman
Welliver, Ronald - Master Patrolman
Wesinger, Paul - Master Patrolman
Wesson, Ray - Patrolman (Deceased)
Widener, Richard - Sergeant
Wilkins, James - Master Patrolman
Wilson, Kenneth - Captain