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Now that SUMMER is here, it’s time to pay particular attention to home improvement contractors. There are many qualified home improvement contractors listed in phone books, newspapers, on the internet, and on social media sites. Sometimes it’s hard to schedule time on the calendar for a project you need done because their reputation is so good.


It’s important to stress here that there’s a big difference between a contractor YOU choose for your project versus Pavers, roofers, siders, landscapers, and other home improvement contractors who drive around and make unannounced surprise visits to your home. Contractors who find their clients by driving around neighborhoods and knocking on doors usually lack the qualifications, licenses, insurances, and tools necessary to do their work well.


If you DO receive one of these surprise visits from a contractor and they say to you that you NEED A NEW DRIVEWAY RIGHT AWAY, OR YOUR ROOF SHINGLES need replacement IMMEDIATELY, RESIST the temptation to continue speaking with them or signing any contracts and REQUEST THAT THEY LEAVE your property. A refusal to leave your property would qualify for a call to your local police department for assistance.


As a homeowner, YOU already KNOW what needs to be replaced or improved on your property, and YOU YOURSELF can determine who to call for a quote on your home improvement project.


The best practice is to do your research when you need a project done. Get several quotes, references, and reviews. You’ll be happy you did.


From the desk of Jane Constant
Senior Relations Specialist
Nashua Police Department

Posted on: July 01, 2018