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What is Genetic testing? Why is this becoming widespread in New Hampshire? Why are we suddenly hearing more about this procedure and why is it so important for seniors to have this procedure done? Who orders it, and who pays for it?


I have many concerns about genetic testing in our older population based on all the research I’ve done and the reports I’ve been reading. First of all, genetic testing is a procedure that can predict whether or not a prescribed medication is compatible with your metabolism. It tests for only ONE medication at a time. Doctors are the ONLY ones who can request a test like this. Genetic testing is very complicated and requires licensed, experienced, and certified laboratory technologists working in a certified laboratory.


If your doctor orders a genetic test because it is MEDICALLY NECESSARY due to complications related ONLY TO CANCER, Medicare will pay for it once it’s approved. He’ll send your DNA sample to a certified laboratory and get accurate results.


Scam artists are capitalizing on genetic testing by attracting large groups of seniors who live in senior housing. They provide free lunches or ice cream socials to attract the largest groups. Once they have their audience, they tell you that you NEED this test for proper medication metabolism effectiveness, and that it’s PAID FOR BY MEDICARE. Of course, they also tell you there is no risk, it’s painless, and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE. All they need is a swab from your mouth to capture your DNA, your Medicare card, your social security number, your medical records, your Doctors name and address, and signed forms for them to send results to your doctor.


The reality is that they now have your IDENTITY and your DNA. Have you heard about cloning with Identity theft? I see other Red Flags: What doctor signed forms to have the test performed? Who’s the certified Laboratory Technician and where is the Certified Lab? You know where this is going. Here comes your huge bill because Medicare won’t pay for this. It’s part of a huge Medicare Fraud ring. You decide if you really want this test.


From the desk of Jane Constant
Senior Relations Specialist
Nashua Police Department

Posted on: July 01, 2019