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The tax season is here again, and there are warnings all across the media about people receiving unsolicited telephone calls from the “IRS”. These so called “IRS” callers are making threats to file a lawsuit against you or have you arrested for nonpayment of your taxes. They ask that you wire money to them immediately. They may state some information about you that is true because they located this information on the internet. Sometimes, the tone of their voice escalates to cause fear and worry about an impending legal pursuit against you.

Please have no worries or fear if you get a call from the “IRS”. The REAL INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE will NEVER call you. They will NEVER email you. They will NEVER ask you for money over the phone or email. They will NEVER ask you to verify personal information.

If you do owe any money to the IRS, they WILL send you a notification by mail and then a validation notice within 5 days. They will also work closely with you to resolve the issue, and any money you need to pay will be mailed directly to the United States Treasury.

These imposters MUST BE STOPPED. We CAN STOP them by knowing these warning signs above. If you receive one of these calls from the “IRS”, please file a report with the Federal Trade Commission at immediately.

The FTC is doing great work in shutting down these boiler room operations. I’m sure they appreciate all the information they receive to assist them in their work with global law enforcement agencies..

From the desk of Jane Constant
Senior Relations Specialist
Nashua Police Department.

Posted on: March 01, 2017