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There are numerous agencies in our community that provide high quality professional home care services which are necessary to keep our loved ones healthy and safe in their own homes. Professional caregivers assist with housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, laundry, and personal hygiene assistance. Some agencies are licensed to provide nursing care within the home as well.


When searching for the right home care aid, it is highly recommended that family members hire from licensed and insured agencies ONLY. We cannot place our trust in any “caregiver” who is “a friend” of a friend or a friend of an adult family member still living at home.


Licensed and insured agencies must abide by strict guidelines and have mandatory training for their employees, who are accountable for all their actions. If an employee doesn’t abide by ALL company rules and policies, the entire company can get fined and/or lose their license.


If you hire a professional paid caregiver, continue to maintain a noticeable presence in the home of your loved one. Look for good records and logs to make sure work is actually getting done. Make sure that you see good results. Many of the agencies I see in the field train their professional caregivers to keep extremely good records of their work and you can actually see their good work with your own eyes. We must always defend the vulnerable, and that’s why we have to be so careful with who we allow in the home of our loved ones. If you ever feel uneasy about a particular situation in which you see conduct unbecoming of a professional paid caregiver, contact that agency to let them know your concerns. They will address the matter accordingly.


From the desk of Jane Constant
Senior Relations Specialist
Nashua Police Department

Posted on: January 01, 2018