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Registration for Autism Awareness Program

About the Program

The Autism Awareness Program is an initiative of the Nashua Police Department in partnership with Gateways Community Services, to allow members of our community to voluntarily identify those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who live, work, or go to school in our community. The purpose is to promote communication and give Nashua Police quick access to critical information about a person registered with the Autism Awareness Program in a police emergency. The program will capture information about those with ASD such as, a full description with photo, emergency contact information, likes/dislikes, communication techniques, and other information tailored to each individual to assist in interactions with law enforcement.

The information voluntarily provided to NPD will be used by dispatchers and officers in our response to calls for assistance that may involve those in our community diagnosed with ASD. This may include a missing person, a medical emergency, a crisis situation, or other interactions with our agency.

How It Works

The voluntary registration can be completed by following the prompts in the Registration link below, which includes uploading a current photograph of the person. Once submitted a member of Nashua Police will conduct a follow-up with the first Emergency Contact to verify receipt of the registration. Upon verification the information will be kept on file with Nashua Police. The information will then be provided to police personnel as needed in the performance of their duties.

We encourage those registered to update us periodically as important information changes such as an address change, or a change in emergency contact information. We also ask if you can submit a new photo as the person registered ages.

How to Register

Fill in the fields in the registration. Note that there are certain mandatory fields that must be completed in order to proceed. Please confirm that the information is accurate before submitting. The first emergency contact person is who Nashua Police will contact to verify before entering the information into our records system. If we are unable to confirm with the first emergency contact the information will not be entered.

For More Information

Gateways Autism Center, located in Nashua NH, is a program based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides a combination of center and homed based programming as well as social skill for individuals with Autism. The Gateways Autism Center strives for the promotion of independence and autonomy. Services are available in our Nashua Center Perimeter Road location as well as in clients homes. In addition, we offer school consultations as needed. Visit our website at:

If you have additional questions please see the frequently asked questions or contact the Autism Awareness Program at: