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The Nashua Police Department Financial Services is responsible for assisting the Chief of Police in matters concerning budgeting, planning, accounting, and purchasing by providing the Chief of Police with information and suggestions best suited for carrying out the Department’s administrative and financial responsibilities. 

The Nashua Police Department’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget is $37,124,975. 94% of the budget is allocated to salaries & wages as well as fringe benefits.  The two categories are comprised of regular pay, overtime pay, holiday pay, longevity pay, educational incentive pay, FICA/Medicare, pension, educational assistance and wellness programs. The remaining 6% of the budget is to fund daily operations to include utilities, supplies, services, equipment, maintenance, and training.
Other sources of funding for equipment and personnel are received through State and Federal grants. The Police Department has been involved with grants from the Department of Justice since 1996. Over this period, the Department has been awarded $9.9 million dollars in grants including recipient contributions. Of this amount, $568,765 are current active grants. In the past, some of the sources of federal funding included Community Oriented Policing Services programs (COPS), Local Law Enforcement Block Grant program (LLEBG), the Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) and Federal Recovery Act Stimulus Funds. Most recent grants include the Corona Emergency Supplemental Funds (CESF) - Justice Assistance Grant and State of NH American Rescue Plan(ARPA). State grants are federal funds passed through the State and include agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Safety and Department of Justice.  In recent years, funding for opioid abuse reduction initiatives has been received from the NH Department of Safety.