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The IT Division is responsible for directing, organizing, controlling, planning, training, and overseeing all computer, telephone, CCTV, fiber optic cabling, software and hardware within the department and at our offsite locations throughout the City. They are responsible for maintaining the departments Mobile Data Computers, implementing new technology, performing systems analysis, application programming, and purchasing of all computer related equipment. These personnel are on call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and 365 days a year.


   The IT Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the IT Division. The manager schedules and prioritizes the IT Division workload, supervises, evaluates and assigns tasks to the Network Administrator and the Programs Administrator/Instructor. The position is responsible for composing Requests for Proposals and bid specifications, initiates written communications with regard to computer enhancements, problems and procedures, and is responsible for the divisional budget preparation. The position analyzes and monitors all computer applications for accuracy and provides crisis response to all Department computer needs. The position is also responsible for providing security to applications to ensure integrity of data and safeguard sensitive information and acts as a liaison between the City and the Department concerning common programs, procedures, and computer usage.



   The Network Administrator is responsible for all network management functions and supports and maintains all servers, routers, switches, WAPS, and data circuits, as well as provides technical support for all peripherals and software connected via the network. He will guide the Department into the future through computerization by designing, recommending and implementing computing infrastructure and standards. The Administrator researches, analyzes, and implements new technologies to provide a pro-active approach to new and more effective ways to manage network functions. He will manage, support and maintain network connectivity within the Department, to the Mobile Devices, to City Hall and the NH State Police. The Network Administrator troubleshoots and maintains the phone system server and will also review new application installations.


   The Programs Administrator/Instructor provides training and instruction in the use of various pieces of software, to include Tritech Software Systems Imc Package of products, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management (RMS), and Microsoft Professional Office Suite programs. This position performs technical and analytical work within the Department to compare, interpret, and disseminate information from data systems and instructs personnel in the best practical use of various software products to provide this information. This position is also responsible for maintaining the IT training facility and instructs users in the care of equipment. The Programs Administrator will also meet with the users of the department to determine new software needs. They will review new applications and give recommendations of software purchases to the IT Manager for discussion and approval.