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Mobile Communications Center
Purchased: January 2006
Grant: Yes. Homeland Security Grant.
Assignment: All major incidents.
Description: The Mobile Communications Center is a complete mobile dispatch center that was purchased through Homeland Security Funds and put into service in January 2006. It is self contained and can be utilized wirelessly in a variety of situations for a variety of services. The unit has an onboard generator that provides power to the high tech equipment inside and it has all of the capabilities that personnel would have as if they were within the walls of the Nashua Police Department. The vehicle is equipped with computers, interoperability radios, telephones, internet access, the unit is capable of providing the technology necessary to the officers during special events and incidents. This unit has been activated for Special Reaction Team Response, Homicides, 4th of July activities, Homeland Security Drills and Serious Auto Accidents.

Motorcycle Unit
Purchased: June 2010
Grant: Yes. Recovery Act Grant
Assignment: Uniform Patrol
Description: Uniform Patrol has two 2010 Harley Davidson FLHP Road King Police Motorcycles used by specially trained officers primarily for motor vehicle enforcement or where their increased mobility will allow officers to reach a particular emergency faster than an officer in a car. Additionally they are used for special details such as parades, funerals, dignitary escorts and displays. They may be used any time weather permits and there is no snow or ice on the roadways. All are equipped with blue lights and sirens, as well as electrical outlets to power radar units. None of the motorcycles have radios, as officers work off portable radios.

Lenco Bear Cat
Purchased: 2003
Grant: No. Acquired using drug forfeiture money.
Assignment: Special Reaction Team
Description: This vehicle is a 2003 Ford Lenco Bearcat capable of protecting officers and citizens from small arms fire and fragmentation. The Bearcat is designed to perform a variety of tasks, to include downed officer/downed citizen rescues and evacuations of citizens from high threat areas. The Bearcat is also used by the Special Reaction Team during high-risk Special Reaction Team callouts and activations.

Mountain Bike Unit
Purchased: First purchased in 1994
Grant: No.
Assignment: Officers assigned to this Specialty Unit are responsible for patroling downtown neighborhoods and business districts. Officers are specifically trained for the unit and must pass a qualification training course, and complete yearly recertification.
Description: The Bicycle Patrol Unit was established to provide another avenue of responding to the Community's needs in this area. The main reason for moving Officers from the Patrol Car to the bicycle was to allow the Officer the time and opportunity to work with the community and to have it become more involved with Law Enforcement as part of the Department's Community Policing program.

Officers assigned to the Bike Patrol actively participate in Community Policing while being more proactive in the fight against crime throughout the City of Nashua.

Prisoner Transport Vehicle
Purchased: March 2016
Grant: No.
Assignment: Prisoner Transportation
Description: The Prisoner Transport Vehicle is a 2016 Chevy Express Van used to transport prisoners. This vehicle is equipped with a two compartment insert made of aluminum. Which has bench seats, lighted, air conditioned and is heated. It has one side entrance and one rear entrance. This insert can hold up to 10 prisoners at a time. The two compartments allows us to separate prisoners from each other. This vehicle is equipped with all emergency equipment.

Uniform K-9 Patrol Vehicle
Purchased: May 2010, September 2014
Grant: No.
Assignment: Uniform Patrol
Description: Uniform Patrol has two K-9 units, a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor and a 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. These vehicles are fully marked with all emergency equipment. The rear of the unit has a self-contained K-9 insert which is made of aluminum and has a sliding center door that allows the Officer to let the K-9 into the front of the vehicle if needed. The insert is equipped with a remote door opening system that allows the Officer to open the rear door remotely in the event of an emergency. Also the insert is equipped with a paging system that alerts the Officer that the vehicle inside temperature is reaching a unsafe temperature for the K-9. This system is used when the Officer leaves the K-9 in the vehicle alone.

Uniform Patrol Vehicle
Purchased: 2010 thru 2016
Grant: Only two vehicles purchased through the Recovery Act Grant
Assignment: Uniform Patrol
Description: Uniform Patrol has twenty-three marked police package vehicles. Four Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors and nineteen Ford Police Interceptor Utility’s that are heavy duty, pursuit capable and designed for law enforcement. These vehicles are fully marked with all emergency equipment that include two radios, Mobile data computer, Light bar, Siren, Flashing grille LED’S, Corner LEDS, Prisoner partition cage, Prisoner restraint seat, Window bars, First aid supplies, Fire extinguisher, Pro bar, Lock out tool etc. These vehicles are specially ordered with specific options needed to install our emergency equipment.

Bomb Squad Response Vehicle
Purchased: 2004
Grant: The interior portion of the response vehicle was fabricated utilizing private donations, a private grant from the McLean foundation, and Federal Grant funding. The vehicle itself was acquired using drug forfeiture funds.
Assignment: Nashua Police Bomb Squad
Description: The Bomb Squad response vehicle is used for team response to incidents of hazardous situations in the greater Nashua Area. It is outfitted to transport numerous items used in the rendering safe process of explosive devices to include the Remotec F6-A robot.

Crime Scene Investigation Unit / Evidence Recovery Vehicle
Purchased: September 2007
Grant: No. This vehicle was purchased using drug forfeiture funds.
Assignment: Detective Bureau - Evidence/Crime Scene Unit
Description: 2007 Chevrolet 5500 truck with 18' box containing the crime scene evidence recovery, storage unit.

Animal Control Vehicle
Purchased: 2015
Grant: No
Assignment: Animal Transportation
Description: The Animal Control Van is a 2015 Chevy Van utilized by the Animal Control Officer to transport both domestic and wild animals as needed. The transport area is equipped with climate control to keep animals warm or cool as needed during transport. Equipped with adjustable compartments it can be adapted to contain large or small animals. These compartments can also be used to store additional equipment such as humane traps and portable kennels. This vehicle is equipped with emergency lighting.

Special Reaction Vehicle
Purchased: 2010
Grant: Yes. Recovery Act Grant
Assignment: Special Reactions Team (SRT)
Description: This vehicle is a 2009 Chevrolet Cabin Chassis that provides logistical and operational support to the Special Reaction Team. The vehicle is primarily used to transport personnel and equipment during Special Reaction Team activations and training.